This is a blog dedicated to Pierre Casiraghi and her long time girlfriend Beatrice Borromeo.

I post updates, edits, gifs and videos for you to share.

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Stefano and Pierre Casiraghi on September 29, 1990 (4 days before his fatal accident)

Stefano and Pierre Casiraghi on September 29, 1990 (4 days before his fatal accident)


"I went and looked up the pictures that you guys were referring to and the girl looks like Alex Dellal sister, I forgot her name."

Alice Dellal? I don’t think so, I had never seen that lady before


"There are a lot of pics from august this year where Pierre kinda flirts and it's touchy with a blonde that everyone wrote was Bea,but is very clear that was not Bea:)) it's another tall blonde girl but definetly not Bea! Pierre is such a flirt! He is so charming,no one could ever be mad at him or resist him:)))) (i can't post the pics but is from the trip to ST TROPEZ,where Bea was with him at some point cause there are pics,but was not with him on the yacht where he flirted with the blondie:))"

Hello there! I saw those pictures but I decided not to publish them… In my opinion he does seem to be flirting with that girl and I found it odd because Beatrice was also on the yacht (I saw a video of them arriving at the same time but I don’t really know if they were together in that particular moment).

I love them as a couple, I would LOVE to see them getting married, but who knows what might happen in the future… They were last seen together on August 24 and they seem to be fine (post here)

Possibility 1: Pierre marries Beatrice after a long relationship just like A&T. Possibility 2: They break up and meet someone just like Charlotte with Alex and Gad.

And regarding your last question, I have been asked this question quite a few times before, I am not that Camila… I dont really believe in astrology or zodiac signs and those kind of stuff :)


"only those who has eyes to see the unseen sees it ...i really love your blog, i adore Pierre too that's why i did his birth chart and i wanted to share it here, actually was very spontaneious:)) that's so me:)),anyway i enjoy your blog cause it's so well put and distinctive! Congratulations ,you did a very good job! I have a question i think it's stupid but i will ask this anyway : are you the lovely Camila the astrologer from the C3 TRIO? cause if you are let me say you are the best i love u!"

Part 3 (answer above)


"with all my respect, and i am not trying not even 1% to be malicious i am just saying my honest opinion that i don't think Pierre will ever get married to Bea, i really like her but i just don't see him with her ,don't know why, it's just a feeling of mine, that never is wrong,hope i;m wrong though on this one....but i don't know how to explainit, i am pretty sure he'll have at some point some fairytale meeting with someone else and boom few months later married,just like his parents did..."

Part 2 (answer above)


"Thank you Camila!:*"

My pleasure! :)


"Hy dear! Love love love this blog! is the best! i like Pierre so much i mean i admire him because he is something else, you can't say what it is, is his charm his way of being,some mistery and passion he has in his eyes and what a refine man, mon dieu! :)) so you are the best Camila for making this blog!I have a question though: how did you find those instagram videos?and also i heard that Bea has an instagram account but i can't find it, do you know her instagram profile? thank u,kisses!"

I love him too! He is my favorite of the Casiraghi siblings to be honest! I found those videos under the tag #PierreCasiraghi on instagram, and yeah, Beatrice has a private account, it is BeaBorromeo


"can you post pierre‘s nude pics?"

LOL I’m not posting the pictures on here, but you can find them here:

x  x  x  x


"Hello, was Beatrice at the party with the videos? I didn't see her in any of the party videos or was Pierre there alone? and what was the party for?"

Hello! It was a party to celebrate their victory at the regatta, and I don’t know for sure if Bea attended, maybe she did but doesn’t appear on the video :)

Pierre Casiraghi at the awards ceremony at the 10th edition of the Palermo-Montecarlo on August 24th

Beatrice Borromeo greets Pierre Casiraghi at his arrival to Monaco at the 10th edition of the Palermo-Montecarlo on August 24th

Pierre Casiraghi arrives to Monaco at the 10th edition of the Palermo-Montecarlo on August 24th

Pierre at a party in Monaco

Pierre at a party in Monaco (x)

Pierre Casiraghi and his team have won the 10th edition of the Palermo-Montecarlo, organised by the Circolo della Vela Sicilia in collaboration with the Yacht Club de Monaco from August 21 to August 24